Tomislav Kucar

I find great joy in intersection of software engineering, security and people. I'm particularly interested in operations and managing.

With over half a decade of experience I offer an extensive background in all areas of digital products, enthusiasm to learn new technologies, a thorough Software engineering background, as well as high quality standards.

I implement scalable and reliable tools, design architectures and APIs, create proof-of-concept prototypes, and intuitively and quickly analyze existing architectures and systems both for what works and what doesn't; I analyze threat landscapes and develop threat models, determine and dissect applicable metrics to derive realistic, impactful solutions focused on reducing the attack surface and increasing performance. I enjoy teaching/mentoring, offer strong interpersonal and communications skills, a curious and open mind, and very strong work ethics.

Above all, I'm driven by developing solutions that have a long-term impact and solve real problems for all users.

Github: @frainfreeze
Twitter: @frainfreeze


Site Reliability Engineer - Consulting, remote work
Jan 2018 – Jan 2020 · (2 yrs 1 month)

  • Implemented and optimized the application lifecycle management system which included enhancing analytics, measuring, and helping to build KPI dashboards.
  • Helped leverage the existing tooling and applied automation.
  • Actively worked with existing teams and managers to reduce organizational silos and turnaround time, effectively cutting down on overhead expenses.
  • Designed and implemented APIs using Flask and FastAPI.
  • Technologies: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), LXC, Linux, Python 3, Flask, FastAPI, SQLAlchemy

Full Stack Web Developer - SunnyBoy Entertainment
May 2016 – Nov 2017 · (1 yrs 7 months)

  • Discussed, analyzed, and strategized the product design with UI/UX experts.
  • Designed, developed, and maintained a complex immersive VR website through all stages of the Agile development lifecycle.
  • Ensured stability, security, and rapid development through TDD and CI/CD.
  • Automated the Linux server setup which included hardening and website deployment to ensure easy, cheap, and fast website updates.
  • Technologies: HTML/CSS/JS, Three.js, Flask, Python 3

Full Stack Web Developer - Freelance
Aug 2014 – May 2016 · (1 yrs 9 months)

  • Designed, implemented, and maintained complete websites built with various technologies.
  • Set up various tech stacks (LAMP, LEMP), secured, and maintained Linux boxes and deployed to OpenVZ and KVM cloud instances.
  • Ensured client satisfaction through extensive communication and by employing Agile principles which included a series of short sprints (discovery, design, development, and testing) to maximize ROI.
  • Technologies: Bootstrap, jQuery, Laravel, Flask, Django, Python 3, PHP, PostgreSQL, Joomla, WordPress, KVM, OpenVZ, Nginx, Linux, LAMP

Lead Software Engineer - Idris Studio
2013 - 2015

  • Created a distributed high availability server for an MMO game, serving 10,000+ concurrent clients.
  • Oversaw game developers and designers which included communicating over IRC and mail, tracking tasks using Kanban boards, implementing source code versioning, and managing assets using Git and Mercurial.
  • Designed and oversaw the implementation of a complete web presence for the project.
  • Helped setup and maintain a big data system (Apache Spark, Pig, and Hadoop).
  • Technologies: Git, PostgreSQL, Distributed Systems, C++, JavaScript, Panda3D, Python 2, Unity3D, C#

Game Programer - Fusion Game Development Studio
2014 - 2014

  • Worked on developing an FPS game's mechanics in Unity3D.
  • Developed custom development tools, including a complete asset pipeline.
  • Contributed to the design of a user interface and the game logic.
  • Technologies: Unity3D, C#

Game Developer - CubeX Production
2013 - 2013

  • Created a racing game (bare-bones) and networking solution for it in Unity 3D.
  • Worked on 3D RPG game.
  • Created 3D assets in Autodesk tools and prepared them for use in Unity 3D.
  • Designed game levels and carried out in-house playtesting.
  • Technologies: Photoshop CS6, 3D Studio Max, Autodesk Maya, Unity3D, C#

Volunteer - BsWireless - independent wireless network project
May 2015 – Jan 2018 · (2 yrs 9 months)

  • Official website maintenance
  • Migration to Wordpress from Joomla (preserving database)
  • Installation of MikroTik Hardware
  • General assistance


Software Engineering - Algebra University College · (2017 - 2021)
Economics and business - Hrvatski kralj Zvonimir · (2013 - 2017)
Web development - freeCodeCamp · (2014 - 2015)


I'm always willing and able to quickly understand and learn other programming languages, software and soft skills, protocols etc. based on solid Computer Science background, years of work experience and general enthusiasm and personal interest in the area.

Open/FreeBSD, Linux (Debian, RHEL and various other distributions), MacOS X, Android, FreeRTOS

QEMU, VMware Workstation, VirtualBox, Bochs, DOSBox, Hyper-V, libvirt, KVM, Proxmox, jails, LXC/LXD, Docker, AWS (EC2)

Programming Languages I Use frequently:
Python, C++, Bash, SQL

Languages I know but use rarely:
C#, Java, Javascript, some lua, some visual basic, some batch

Languages I want to learn:
Lisps (Scheme, Common lisp and Clojure), Haskel, C, Prolog

Protocols, Services and Standards:

Information Security:
SSH, SSL, TLS, Certificate Management, asymmetric and symmetric key cryptography, PGP, authN/authZ, Kerberos (krb5), HSM, TPM, JWT

Markup Languages:
Asciidoc, Markdown, rst, HTML, some XML, some *roff, some LaTeX

Spoken Languages:
English (fluent), Croatian (native), bits and pieces of Italian and German. Intending to learn Russian

Soft skills:
Time-managment, planing, decision making, communication, mentoring and leading, responsibility, professionalism, teamwork, positive attitude, integrity, flexibility.

Notable software
Fluent in all common unix userland tools including shell-scripting (sh, bash, sed, awk, regular expressions etc.), git, ssh, etc.

Buildbot, Clang and LLVM, CMake, GCC, GDB, Valgrind, MySQL, postgresql, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET (WPF, Win/WebForms, Razor pages, ADO, Linq), JavaFX, AWT, Swing, Lanterna UI, JDBC, Maven, Flask, Django, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, OpenCV.

Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After effects, Lightroom and Dreamweaver), Paint tool Sai, GIMP, Krita, Inkscape, SketchUp, Blender 3D, Autodesk Max, Maya & Mudbox, Wings 3D, Unity 3D, Panda 3D, LÖVE, Sweet Home 3D.