I have been alive for a while now and have done many things over the years. This is my rough, public/work related, timeline. For more check my about page.

Year Age Tech/notes
2021 22 ?
2020 21 Final year of university. Got job interview offer from IBM. Got into Toptal.
2019 20 2nd year of university. Formed a new dev team. Fullstack development. Gathered and sorted data. Systems engineering.
2018 19 1st year of university. I dropped web dev and started focusing on software engineering, C++ and Python.
2017 18 Worked as remote part time full stack dev, focused on Python web back-end. Finished high school. Got job interview offer from Microsoft and Amazon. Worked on small game in lua. Moved to Debian.
2016 17 Tried blender 3D, slowly stopped doing anything art related. Left pirates online emulator team in Jan, started freelancing part time as full stack developer. First job offerers started coming in.
2015 16 First working emulator version. Started to do full stack web dev, HTML5, CSS3, js, python for backend. Played with big data. Bought wacom tablet and did some digital art.
2014 15 Switched to Disney's original tech; python and panda3d, formed and lead new dev team. Learned basic reverse engineering, assembly, networking, etc. Started using linux and git.
2013 14 Spent whole year trying game dev: Unity 3D + C#, autodesk max and maya. In september Disney's Pirates Online shut down, so I started working on emulator and dropped my game dev team.
2012 13 Logo in school (7th grade). Tried python and java 6 but gave up. Still making web pages. Learned about servers, ftp etc. Messed around with PHP. Got a new laptop, long live old PC. Formed my first small game dev team while working on another team.
2011 12 Microsoft small basic, my first code. First web page (html and css). Still building games. Built a new PC, mainly from trash parts.
2010 11 Adventure Maker (freeware). Garbage PC still running, not playing games anymore, creating them instead.
2009 10 Playing demo games on the garbage PC <3.
2008 9 Built my first PC with dad from literal garbage parts.
2007 8 First I was grounded; no PC. Then the PC died; No PC.
2006 7 1st Grade. Playing brick breaker on dads win98 PC.
2005 6 Recorded hundrends of LP VHS by myself.